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1. The product runs stably and has low energy consumption; 2. Professional waterproof and dustproof design, IP66 waterproof grade can effectively prevent rain and dust from entering; 3. Industrial-grade plastic and structural design, the bare machine can withstand a free fall of 2.5 meters, and the body and data will not be damaged; 4. True full HD 1440P/s video recording, H.264 encoding; 5. Take pictures with 58 million pixels, JPG format; 6. 2200mAH rechargeable lithium battery; 2 batteries are standard, and the battery can be replaced continuously. Comes with charging base. 7. Warning light function, strobe to realize personnel positioning and ensure the safety of law enforcement personnel 8. One-key start-up recording; 9. Long battery life of more than 15 hours; 10. Large-diameter lens design eliminates blind spots and provides a clear view. The 140° wide-angle lens not only ensures wide-angle video recording with high information content during dynamic situations, but also ensures clear pictures during static situations; 11. High-sensitivity microphone design, high signal-to-noise ratio recording function; 12. The humanized "power" and "work" indicator lights on the top bring more convenience to law enforcement; 13. One-click playback can quickly view the recorded audio and video materials; 14. Video delay recording and pre-recording ensure that no law enforcement scenes are missed during the law enforcement process; 15. Super infrared, night vision distance up to 8-15 meters. Dual filter switcher, no color cast during the day, clearer at night; 17. Ultra-long watermark technology, including shooting time, police number, and product number, is more legally effective; 18. Ultra-long file name technology, including shooting time, police number, and product number, to facilitate search and hierarchical management;


Technical data


Item    Technical Parameters
Imaging device    1/2.9.F=2.0 HD lens
wide angle lens    140°
storage    Built-in 16G/32G/64G/128G/256G/
compatible system    Windows(98/2000/ME/XP/7/8/10)
screen display size    2-inch LCD full HD display
overlay watermark    support
local playback    Support (video/photo/recording files/important identification files can be played back on site)
One-click playback    Support (one-click playback of the latest recorded files)
segmented video    Support (multiple time-segmented videos can be set)
emphasis mark    Support (one key to mark the key video during video shooting)
password protection    Support (software password protection, anti-tampering, anti-deletion)
car mode    Support (can be used as a driving recorder with a special car suction cup)
lighting    Support (can be used as lighting and fill light at night)
video format    H.264
Video resolution    1440P,1296P,1080P.720P,480P
Video function    One-key video recording (in the shutdown state, directly press the "record" button to enter the video recording state)
loop recording    Support (when the memory is full, the system will automatically delete the last recorded file and continue recording)
photo format    JPEG
camera pixel    48M.40M.34M.26M.15M
shutter control    automatic
exposure method    automatic
audio format    WAV
One-click recording    Support separate recording, dual microphone noise prevention
infrared night vision    7 meters to see the face clearly, 10 meters to see the outline of the human body
Infrared switching    Manual switching, automatic switching
battery capacity    2200MAHX2 replaceable battery, continuous power supply
charging time    less than 4 hours
recording time    Two batteries provide continuous power for more than 18 hours
weight    125g+15g (host + back clip)
physical dimension    About 56MMx79MMX28MM
degree of protection    IP66
Anti-drop rating    2.5米
Working temperature    (-10)°C~+45°C
interface    USB data charging interface
optional features    Hotspot  WIFI GPS
Standard accessories    Host, back clip, charger, data cable, manual, certificate, packing box


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