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1. The product runs stably and has low energy consumption; 2. Professional waterproof and dustproof design, IP66 waterproof rating can effectively prevent rain and dust from entering; 3. Industrial-grade plastic and structural design, the bare machine can withstand a free fall of 2.5 meters, and the body and data will not be damaged; 4. True full HD 1080P/second video recording, H.264 encoding; 5. Take pictures with 36 million pixels, JPG format; 6. 2200mAH rechargeable lithium battery; 7. Warning light function, flashing to realize personnel positioning and ensure the safety of law enforcement personnel 8. Video dual control, can start recording with one button; 9. Under no light conditions, the infrared light can be turned on for 5 hours of continuous recording; 10. Large-diameter lens design eliminates blind spots and provides a clear view. The 140° wide-angle lens not only ensures wide-angle video recording with high information content during dynamic situations, but also ensures clear pictures during static situations; 11. High-sensitivity microphone design, high signal-to-noise ratio recording function; 12. The humanized "power" and "work" indicator lights on the top bring more convenience to law enforcement; 13. One-click playback can quickly view the recorded audio and video materials; 14. Video delay recording and pre-recording to ensure that no law enforcement pictures are missed during the law enforcement process; 15. Super infrared, night vision distance up to 8-15 meters. Double filter switcher, no color cast during the day, clearer at night; 17. Ultra-long watermark technology, including shooting time, police number, product number, which is more legally effective; 18. Ultra-long file name technology, including shooting time, police number, product number, convenient for search and hierarchical management;


Technical Datas

Main Function: Dual SD cards ports,Waterproof ,shockproof,Anti-fog, Laser indicator,6 IR night vision ,motion detection, H.264/H.265 MP4
2. Video Resolution:2304*1296@30fps 1920*1080@30fps,1280*720@30fps  
3. Photo Resolution: 2M
4. Night vision: Manual/Auto IR switch. 10meters can recognize face.  
5. Waterproof: IP56, rainproof.                                                              
6. Shockproof: 2-3meters free drop.
7. Lens angle:120 degree wide angle                                          
8. Display:2.0inch 4:3FHD color display                                                 
9. Battery:3.8V 2650mah
10. Battery life: 1080P more than 9hours                                                                            11. Interface: USB 2.0


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